Altadena Anthology
Altadena was opened as a subdivision in late 1887 by John and Fred Woodbury from Marshalltown, Iowa. The Woodburys envisioned a millionaires’ rural suburb north of busy Pasadena, hoping to add to the wealthy class already gathering here, including Col. Charles Greene and Andrew McNally. Their timing was off, the real estate bubble burst in 1888, and the region was thrown into an economic panic that grew worse as it merged into a great national depression lasting through much of the 1890s. A bright spot in this period was the development of Thaddeus Lowe’s elegant mountain railway, which created a connection from Los Angeles though Pasadena and up to Altadena and beyond, to the many hotels and camps in the mountains. There, temperance was not an issue.

A Very Short History of Altadena

Altadena is an unincorporated community of Los Angeles County, next to and within the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is bounded on three sides by wilderness (the Arroyo Seco, Angeles National Forest, and Eaton Canyon), and on the south by the city of Pasadena.

Where Your Water Comes From

You buy your water from a Mutual Water Company. It is a non-profit corporation, not a government. You and your neighbors own your Mutual. It is unlikely that the media will ever report on your Mutual. If you want to know what it is doing, you need to ask the Mutual’s board…

In Memoriam

In Memoriam James Edward DeLong, AIA, Taliesin Fellow, architect of more than 100 beautiful homes in the Los Angeles area, passed away April 10 at 92. Jim DeLong was a long-time supporter of Altadena Heritage and was instrumental in organizing its 2003 Modern Home...

Walmart in Altadena: White Paper

All the words, feelings, and media storming around the proposed Walmart Neighborhood Store at the southeast corner of Lincoln Avenue and Figueroa made it hard to separate signal from noise the past several weeks.