Altadena Heritage is a nonprofit volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of our foothill community’s rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage.

Upcoming Events

October 24
10 am – 12 pm  

Pruning &
Tree Care

Presented by tree expert
Dr. Jerrold Turney

November 7
10 am – 12 pm  

A Tree Planting Demonstration

Presented by tree expert
Dr. Jerrold Turney

Recent Events


Right Tree, Right Place – Tree Selection and Siting

Recorded Saturday September 26

If you are thinking of getting a tree for your property, this workshop is for you. This is the first of three Saturday morning Tree Workshops being held in conjunction with our free tree giveaway. Dr. Jerrold Turney, tree expert and plant pathologist, will be describing many, if not all, of the species on our giveaway tree list. This workshop will help you choose the best places on your property to plant a tree and the best tree for that location. Open to all members of the community!

Going Green Yard Maintenance

For our Third Thursday in August 2020, our presenter was Dan Mabe, the founder and CEO of the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). AGZA is a leader in the zero-emission sustainable grounds maintenance industry, with its mission being to transition the grounds maintenance industry to quieter, zero-emission electric operations and zero-emission, lower impact practices.

There are two main ways that AGZA achieves its goals: one is by certification of a property that has transitioned to green practices as an “AGZA Green Zone.”  The second way is by awarding AGZA accreditation or certification to service professionals who have undergone instruction and training. This AGZA accreditation gives the service professional a marketing advantage. AGZA also works with air quality management agencies in promoting equipment exchanges, conducts workshops, and gives presentations like this one.

Copyright © 2020 American Green Zone Alliance

All rights reserved. No part of this presentation may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the American Green Zone Alliance. For permission requests, Email AGZA at, subject line permission to use AGZA presentation – Thank you.

Recent Events

Golden Poppy Awards 2020

Well 2020 just wasn’t like other years!  With Covid-19 closing all public meetings, Altadena Heritage took the Golden Poppies online for the first time ever.  We ‘zoomed’ the event to our members and were joined online by over 70 households who were “sheltering at home” together. Our 2020 winners were even more accommodating than usual, allowing us to film their gardens and record interviews, which were compiled into short video presentations that can be found here on the website.  Michele Zack introduced the winners and Val Zavala moderated a short Q&A with each.  Savannah Moore from Kathryn Bargers office, presented LA County Certificates  of recognition and Chairman Sharon Sand looked forward to seeing everyone again in person next year!

Gil & Joan Acosta

2951 Santa Rosa Avenue

Maita Prout and  WIll Gaskill

2787 Highview Avenue

Paul Schimley

2122 Grand Oaks Avenue

Taylor Jacobson & John Knuth

471 W. Mariposa Street

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