Altadena Heritage is a nonprofit volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of our foothill community’s rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage.

Upcoming Events

Welcome to Altadena

Sunday January 26th 3:00-5:00pm

Special event for residents new to Altadena to come and learn about the work of Altadena Heritage and meet your new neighbors.
If you are interested in attending, please email at

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Community Partnership Event

for Residents of Monte Cedro Senior Living Community

Tuesday January 28th – 11am

If you live in the Monte Cedro community, come and join us for an introduction to living in Altadena – history, local governance and more..

Past Events

Altadena Heritage News

Abolitionist Owen Brown’s Altadena Grave to be Preserved in Compromise with La Vina Developer

Two conflicts have been running for decades. Now they’re crossing paths for a potentially peaceful resolution.

After decades of strife around the preservation of abolitionist Owen Brown’s Altadena grave site and the until-now unrelated battles facing the La Vina development, both projects are finally set for completion in an unexpected crossing of paths for two of this community’s longest running pains.


Owen Brown Gravesite Land Acquisition

Watch the video and learn the back story.

Back in the late 1980s, Altadena Heritage made the leap from committee of the Town Council to independent 501(c)(3). The mission: to protect and preserve Altadena’s architectural, historical, cultural, and natural heritage.

Among our first projects was an attempt to gain California Landmark status for Owen Brown’s hillside gravesite (he died here in 1889). Owen was among the last survivors of the failed 1859 raid on the federal armory at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, led by his father John Brown.