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Water Wise Landscaping WorkshopSession ONE – Member Ticket
Water Wise Landscaping WorkshopSession ONE – Non-Member Ticket
Water Wise Landscaping WorkshopSession THREE – Member Ticket
Water Wise Landscaping WorkshopSession THREE – Non-Member Ticket
September 12, 17 and October 24, 2015


What to do with your lawns


A series of hands-on Water wise landscaping workshops


Using a front yard as our main classroom, Altadena Heritage presents a series of workshops on September 12th & 17th & October 24th on transforming your front yard into a beautiful & sustainable garden. 1st and 3rd sessions will be on-site workshops ($5 for members, $15 for non-members.) 2nd session will be a free presentation by experts on designing your front yard with drought tolerant plants.


Debby Figoni, Water Wise Landscaping Consultant & the site owner, will lead this series and introduce quick reference design sheets in session1, focus on plants & irrigation in session 2, and share her experience of project changes and lessons learned in session 3.

Herman Quezada, has a horticulture degree from Cal Poly Pomona and has been teaching efficient irrigation and water wise landscaping classes, in English and in Spanish, for 15 years. He also has a landscape company that creates drought tolerant landscapes and has installed countless automatic irrigation systems.

Mark Goldschmidt, a retired landscape architect, will spell out basic dos and don’ts of landscape design and offer suggestions on how to get started transforming your home landscape. He will illustrate these ideas with images of local gardens, including Altadena Heritage Golden Poppy Award-winners.