Get involved with a great organization!

We have a number of programs and activities for which we need volunteers. Members as well as non members are encouraged to participate in their community. 

Altadena Heritage needs your help in these areas. For more information on any volunteer role, email us.

Board of Directors

Altadena Heritage looks forward to strenghtening and renewing our board with new members. New board members bring new ideas and energy.

We are a board-driven organization that meets at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month. We form committees and divvy up the work involved in staging events, often drawing in volunteers from the general membership. We have a lot of fun, and work in short spurts rather than any sort of regular hours. On average, board membership involves five to 10 hours a month of work.

If you love Altadena, have ideas for projects and events you would like to see realized through teamwork, please consider applying to be on our board. This is a chance to do something very meaningful for your community.

Archive assistants

Altadena Heritage AH has thousands of records, photos, and documents in both print and digital form. Our office in the Altadena Community Center is open to the public, and we need help organizing and staffing.

Holiday celebration helpers

Help make our annual celebration and members meeting a smashing success.

Other ways to help Altadena Heritage

Whether you have time for an ongoing role or prefer to volunteer at a single event, we can use your help. What’s your fancy? AH has volunteer opportunities for every taste and talent:

  • Help out at special events.
  • Staff our office and help organize archives, update database, and process research requests.
  • Write grant requests.
  • Help maintain the landscape at Old Marengo Park, our newest Altadena Heritage Area
  • Scour Altadena for potential Golden Poppy Award Winners.
  • Serve on one of our ad hoc committees
  • Consider hosting an event at your architecturally significant home or in your lovely garden.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors