Get involved with a great organization!

Altadena Heritage has a number of programs and events where volunteers make all the difference. Consider the items below or suggest your own volunteer ideas.  Members as well as non-members are welcome.

Board of Directors

New board members bring fresh ideas and energy. We are a board-driven organization that meets once a month, currently at 7pm on the third Monday. We form committees and divvy up the work involved in developing programs and staging events, often drawing in volunteers. We have a lot of fun, and work in short spurts rather than any sort of regular hours. On average, board membership involves 5 to 10 hours a month of work.

If you love Altadena, have ideas you would like to see realized through teamwork, please consider applying to join our board.

This is a chance to “give back” to your community.

Ways to help Altadena Heritage

Whether you have time for an ongoing role or prefer one-off opportunities, we can use your help. What’s your fancy? AH has volunteer opportunities for every taste and talent:

  • Helping at special events
  • Working on the website or database
  • Writing grant requests
  • Helping to maintain the landscape at Old Marengo Park
  • Searching Altadena for potential garden award winners
  • Serving on ad hoc committees
  • Hosting an event in your home or garden
  • Serving on the Board of Directors