Altadena Heritage 2022 Tree Giveaway

Free Tree Application Form

Since the availability of some tree species on the tree list is limited, we cannot guarantee everyone applying will receive the tree(s) they ask for. Therefore, please enter a second choice. Our goal is to find good homes for as many trees as possible.

Please complete this form and submit it by October 21 2022. We will do our best to provide the tree you want but numbers and particular species are limited.

If you are not the homeowner, please ask the property owner to complete this form. You will be notified by October 28th if a tree is available for you. Tree pick up will be on November 19, 10am-2pm. Note that all the trees we are offering this year are 15-gallon size. You will have to pick up, transport, and plant the tree. Details to follow.
Pledge: Do you promise to plant and care for any trees provided to you by Altadena Heritage?  This includes watering, especially for the first two years.
I am the owner of the property
I understand that this tree is for my front, side or back yard and not for the parkway or County right-of-way
If you would like a tree for the parkway or County right-of-way in front of your house, please apply to Public Works

Select your prefered type (species)

I need help deciding - please contact me

With the ongoing long-term drought and restrictions in watering, planting new trees and ensuring their success will be a challenge. Nevertheless, we feel trees are so valuable in our environment, that they are worth the extra effort it may take to provide them with the water they need to become established. Water collected in buckets while the shower warms up, or rain water collected in barrels, or rinse water, can all be used to help establish a young tree. The trees we’re offering this year are all unthirsty when established. Newly planted trees must be watered regularly for three years, to become established. In the first year, that means watering once a week. Please view our three workshops on selecting, planting, and caring for trees at your home, to ensure success with your tree.

Desert Museum

Pink Trumpet

California Pepper

Gold Medallion

Live Oak

London Plane