Altadena Heritage 2022 Tree Giveaway

With the ongoing long-term drought and restrictions in watering, planting new trees and ensuring their success will be a challenge. Nevertheless, we feel trees are so valuable in our environment, that they are worth the extra effort it may take to provide them with the water they need to become established. Water collected in buckets while the shower warms up, or rain water collected in barrels, or rinse water, can all be used to help establish a young tree. The trees we’re offering this year are all unthirsty when established. Newly planted trees must be watered regularly for three years, to become established. In the first year, that means watering once a week. Please view our three workshops on selecting, planting, and caring for trees at your home, to ensure success with your tree.

Desert Museum

Pink Trumpet

California Pepper

Gold Medallion

Live Oak

London Plane