Promote Sustainable Living

In 2009, Altadena Heritage launched Heritage of Abundance, a series of lectures and workshops that educate its residents on a variety of sustainable living topics. Altadena Heritage invited local experts to lead talks on topics reflecting Altadena Heritage’s core preservation and community education efforts.

Featured topics have included urban homesteading, growing backyard fruit, the benefits of preserving and restoring historic windows, and more.

• The Greywater Workshop helped everyone watch their waste.
Attendees learned to harvest and redirect greywater to the landscape. Issues included what greywater is and what it is not; what’s legal in California; where greywater can be used in the landscape; and successful examples of local greywater systems.

• The Residential Energy Efficiency Workshop was a bright idea.
Attendees learned ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, including identifying opportunities and resources to improve the energy performance while preserving historic attributes, enhancing comfort, and reducing utility bills.

• The Efficient Irrigation Workshop was good to the last drop.
Attendees learned how to identify inefficient irrigation systems and retrofit their home systems to save water and improve landscaping.

Altadena Heritage offers lectures periodically each year. Would you like to see us repeat a program? Do you have ideas for topics or speakers? Please email your suggestions—we look forward to hearing from you.

Canning workshop with RIPE Altadena.