Old Marengo Park Clean-Up and Beautification
In late March, Altadena Heritage Board members Mark Goldschmidt, David Mosher, Nancy Romero, Michele Zack and John Zoraster removed weeds and an outbreak of prickly Russian thistles, and spread mulch to control weeds and retain moisture. Passers-by may notice a wonderful show of California poppies now in the park, as well as blooming redbud trees.

The park anchors and enhances the new adjacent Woodbury Median Project, which uses a similar tree palette of California oaks and redbuds, along with native grasses. Thanks in part to Altadena Heritage members who wrote to Supervisor Michael Antonovich, approximately 65 new trees have also been planted by the County on Woodbury west of Lake Ave., which will grow into a lovely southern boundary for Altadena in about five years.

Old Marengo Park was developed as a joint project of the Altadena Watershed Committee, the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy, and Altadena Heritage. The park, which is now unirrigated, provides a colorful, shady refuge, as well as a habitat for birds and insects. Altadena Heritage does regular park maintenance, and last summer shared the expense of tree-trimming with the Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy. Anyone interested in joining our Park Maintenance Team, please contact us at altadenaheritage@earthlink.net.