Letter from the Chair

We are dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of our foothill community’s rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage. How we do that is through public events, advocating for change with the County, gathering and distributing information (such as this in-depth newsletter), improving our public green spaces, and bringing our community together. 

We always have more exciting projects than we can possibly handle, which is one of the reasons we so appreciate the volunteers who step up to help; stopping by during a weeding morning at Old Marengo Park, regularly offering to help at events, or joining groups such as our Tree Committee.

It was great to be back together in person at a fabulous event we organized at the Mountain View Mausoleum, co-sponsored with Altadena Historical Society. Speakers Michele Zack, Paul Ayers, and Bill Deverell enlightened us about the history of Owen Brown and the decades of civic engagement it took to preserve and restore his gravesite. Michele spoke of plans being formulated for educational programming to share that history with local students. A week later board member Bill Stuart led a group of members on hike up to the gravesite on Little Round Top and then back down through El Prieto Canyon.

It’s always exciting to see the new and established businesses thriving alongside each other in Altadena while reintroducing community members to the joys of shopping local. The Farmers’ Market at Loma Alta Park, two new nurseries on Lincoln, expanding restaurants and food along Fair Oaks, Mariposa, and Allen, and community events that center around these local businesses. The Night Market at Mariposa Junction on 1st Saturdays has become a popular event.


We’re looking forward to our upcoming Golden Poppy Awards and hope to see you there! It’s going to be in a beautiful garden, celebrating other beautiful gardens in Altadena; those that give to the street and incorporate native and drought-tolerant plants. Then just one week later we’ll be celebrating bike month with Altadena Bicycle Club in our 2nd annual community bike ride that will ride us past the 2022 Golden Poppy winning gardens.

We continue to advocate for appropriate night lighting in Altadena and we are organizing a Third Thursday event with planning officials from LA County and So Cal Edison. These are the two entities putting in replacement lighting. If you see lighting that doesn’t seem right, make sure to say something to LA County, So Cal Edison, your town council representative, and to us.

See you around town, Sharon