Heritage of Abundance

Thursday, November 20, 7pm

Altadena Community Center
730 E. Altadena Drive

Admission is free; please RSVP to




Altadena Heritage invites you to learn about how low-energy living can help make a difference in the face of global warming. Peter Kalmus, a climate scientist who lives here in Altadena, will share some of the changes he’s made, focusing on how using less fossil fuels has turned out not to be the burden you might expect … in fact, he says it’s made his life happier!

Then Peter will guide you in crunching your own numbers to calculate the size of your personal carbon footprint. To learn the most, bring a pen or pencil, a calculator, and rough estimates of the following:

• annual miles flown on a plane

• annual gallons of gas burned by driving*

• annual household electricity use in kWh**

• annual household natural gas use in therms**

* miles driven in a year divided by mpg of car
** add up your monthly usage amounts or multiply the amount on your current bill by 12

If you can’t get some of this information, don’t worry; Peter will show you how to make educated guesses from average values.

This baseline number will allow you to project (and later validate) how low-energy living can cut your reliance on fossil fuels and their corresponding carbon emissions.

Don’t miss this informative hands-on program! Admission is free; please RSVP to

Peter Kalmus has a PhD in physics from Columbia University and is now studying the role of clouds in global warming at JPL. He’s father to two young boys, and an avid bicycler and gardener who aspires to someday win Altadena Heritage’s Golden Poppy Award.