Golden Poppy Awards and Garden Party 2022

The Golden Poppy Awards

After two years online, we celebrated the Golden Poppy Awards in person again on May 22 in the amazing garden of Renata and Talmadge O’Neil.

Over 230 guests enjoyed amazing weather, caribbean fusion food, wine and drinks and a stunning venue with mountain views. Several generous companies donated prizes to our raffle, which raised funds for the irrigation system at Old Marengo Triangle. Representatives from the offices of State Senator Portantino, State Assemblyman Holden, and Supervisor Barger attended and gave certificates to our winners – in addition to the bronze plaque they can proudly display for the next 2 years.

Golden Poppy Winners 2022

Quinn Sullivan and Linda Miller
43 West Mariposa

Jane and Jeff Dillingham
1963 East Loma Alta Drive

Marta Mora and Roberto Rodriguez
1300 Morada Place

Anne and Stephen Nowlin
1701 Meadowbrook Road

We were joined by valued partners the Theodore Payne Foundation who held a pop up native plant sale, Altadenians for Clean Healthy Air, who demonstrated eco-friendly garden tools, and the Altadena Bicycle Club who will lead a tour of winning gardens.

Theodore Payne Foundation

President, Eric Callow, will be available to show and discuss great native plant options for your garden.

Clean Healthy Air Altadena

(CHA CHA) facilitator, Joy Walters, will be on hand to explain the best gas-free options for maintaining your garden in a sustainable way.

Altadena Bicycle Club

Club leader, Dorothy Wong, will be available to discuss biking in Altadena and improving the safety of the streets we use to view our winning gardens!

Thank You to Our Raffle Donors