Cool Roofs Third Thursday Webinar

On July 16 we presented an an educational webinar on the new technology of Cool Roofs – a roof that reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat than a standard roof.

Altadena is located in what is called a “heat island.”Our location near the mountains means residents experience higher temperatures than surrounding communities. The event will educate and inform about this new technology that could help keep your home significantly cooler in the summer, reduce your AC usage and keep your electricity bills lower. Cool roofs are coming, per LA County ordinance, so if you  have any interest in updating your roof, come and learn more…

Our Third Thursday event featured climate change policy expert,  David Fink, renewable energy policy & climate change expert and Altadena Heritage Board member and cool roof owner, Kathleen McDonnell. The event was moderated by our own Val Zavala.

Check out the video!