Altadena’s Water Future: Devil’s in the Details
Altadena Heritage held a special public forum to demystify issues and answer questions swirling around present and future water supply, water quality issues, the future of our small water companies, and Federally mandated compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Our panel was made up of top people in the local water scene: Chris Stone, LA County’s Water Resource Manager; Rich Atwater, Chairman of Foothills Municipal Water District (FMWD); Tim Brick of the Arroyo Seco Foundation and former chairman of Metropolitan Water District, and Angela George, LA County Department of Public Works spokesperson. Local water purveyors were also invited, and all came or sent representatives.

We wanted people to understand local opportunities for management: capture, recharge, and treatment, and to clarify who does what in Altadena, including oversight of public works projects. The evening started with a very quick but concise and remarkably thorough overview by board member and water engineer John Zoraster.  It was a lively discussion indeed, and was caught on video by our local community access channel, and can be viewed here.

Plans are to follow up with more such informative discussions about water issues as they relate to Altadena.