Altadena Heritage Third Thursday Program

Nov. 15 at 7 pm – Community Center, 730 Altadena Drive

Join our panel to discuss how “Complete Streets” benefit communities, and try your hand at redesigning the Lake Avenue/Altadena Drive intersection!

Complete Street makeovers across the nation are revitalizing communities and  improving safety and health. What can Altadena learn?

Our panel

Eileen Alduenda, a landscape architect with vast experience in public projects in the Los Angeles area also served on Altadena Heritage’s board and Lake Avenue Subcommittee (2010-12). She will share examples of how complete street makeovers nearby and far afield have fared, with an emphasis on water.

Justin Robertson is a city planner with LA County’s Department of Health who previously worked with the City of Glendale. Justin conducted a walkability study of Altadena for his masters thesis, and serves on our Town Council. He will talk about walkability’s role in complete streets.

Thomas Stahl, architect with international experience in planning, headed Altadena Heritage’s Lake Avenue Subcommittee (2010-12) and served on our board. He will update our report — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — and review what has changed, what has not, and progress in nurturing a “civic core” in Altadena.


Current members of Altadena Heritage’s Complete Street Committee Anne Chomyn (chair), Mark Goldschmidt, and Michele Zack will moderate and conduct the intersection redesign exercise. Materials and snacks provided.


This workshop is part of a series exploring aspects of The Heat Island Efffect in Altadena and possible mitigations, supported by Southern California Edison.