Altadena Heritage Architectural Database

Altadena Heritage was founded in the early 1980s, when many beautiful old homes and mansions were being demolished and replaced with tract developments, placing our community’s architectural heritage in peril. 

In 2009 Altadena Heritage received an $11,000 grant from Edison to expand the architectural database.

Members at the time did a comprehensive survey of the existing pre-war homes, and conducted research on builders and architects.

This information was encoded in a searchable database kept in our office along with a trove of old real estate documents, enabling those who want to research their houses to find this information.

In 2009, we received a grant from Southern California Edison, much of which went into migrating the data to a modern platform. In 2014, we implemented a preliminary online user interface to the new Altadena Heritage Architectural Database (AHAD), making the original survey data available through the Web.

In 2018, we completed a redesign of AHAD’s user interface, which begins the open-ended process of updating the data itself as a continuation of our work to preserve Altadena’s rich architectural heritage. You can access all the addresses comprising our original 1988 survey here:

Altadena Heritage Architectural Database

If you have any questions or corrections to report, please email us