Altadena Heritage is an activist organization. We don’t shy away from getting involved with current planning issues that affect our community and will determine the quality of life into the future.

Hillside Preservation

Visioning Altadena Panel

The panel for the Visioning Altadena Roundtable in October 2004.

We kicked off a planning process in 2004 that took six years to complete when we hosted the Visioning Altadena Roundtable to discuss on how to preserve our hillsides and save our mountain view from looking like Glendale’s.

Some of us worked with a committee of people in the community and County regional planning to formulate a hillside ordinance designed to protect Altadena’s hillsides from the bad development.

Hillside development

An example of the kind of hillside development that Altadena Heritage opposes.

Improving Lake Avenue

Currently, a sub-committee of Altadena Heritage board members meets regularly, looking into ways to beautify North Lake Avenue and increase its commercial vitality. In future, we plan to work with other community organizations and with the county, and hope to pursue grants to study how to improve this sadly moribund commercial artery.

North Lake Avenue

North Lake Avenue in 1941.

North Lake Avenue

North Lake Avenue in 2010