Altadena Heritage is an activist organization; we not only promote preservation, we also advocate for a more beautiful community.

Old Marengo Park

We were instrumental in sponsoring Old Marengo Park, reviving a patch of waste ground left for 40 years after Woodbury Road was realigned.


The dirt lot that became Old Maregro Park. Volunteers transform the space during one of many workdays.

We teamed with Arroyo & Foothills Conservancy to write grants, design, and coordinate with the County, and in the end created a pocket park planted with native oaks and other California plants, bringing a bit of the foothills down to the southern border of Altadena.

Golden Poppy Awards

Every year our Golden Poppy awards honor those who have created beautiful gardens. Homeowners are presented with a bronze plaque to display in their front yard for two years.

Golden Poppy winner

A 2009 Golden Poppy winner.

2011 winners

Walter Hubert & Mark Saltzman
David Mispagel
Doug LaLonde
Daniel & Jelayne Haight
Dimitri Bovaird and Margaret Edmondson

2010 winners

Michael Gregory & Brian Howard
Dr Karen Bowers & Alan Denney
Loren & Avelina Moeller
Kate Sullivan
Dennis & Margaret Bridwell
Jess DeGroot

2009 winners

Mark & Susan Sironi
Dr Dr. Jason & Jane Yoo
Lon McCoy & George Feaster
Jennifer Shepard

A representative from Anthony Portantino's office

A representative from Anthony Portantino’s office spoke at the 2007 Golden Poppy event. SCE presented a check for $11,000 in generous response to a grant we wrote to update and digitize our archive, and to launch our Heritage of Abundance sustainability series.

Golden Poppy winner

A 2007 Golden Poppy winner on Roosevelt Street.

Golden Poppy winner

A 2008 Golden Poppy winner on Highview Street.