Altadena Heritage is a nonprofit volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and raising awareness of our foothill community’s rich architectural, environmental, and cultural heritage.

Upcoming Event

Altadena Heritage in a Town Hall Meeting with Kathryn Barger

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 21! Altadena Heritage will sponsor a town hall with our new LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger at 7 pm in the Community Center, 730 E. Altadena Drive.

Learn about some of the priorities Supervisor Barger has outlined (protecting open space, building urban and hiking trails, housing the homeless) and bring your questions/aspirations for Altadena!

In The News

Altadenans again show they know why water is worth fighting for

By Larry Wilson, Pasadena Star-News

Since water’s for fighting here in the Golden State, Altadenans are doing a very good job of holding up their part of the California bargain.

As an unincorporated area with a strong local identity but just an advisory-only Town Council to elect — along with a Los Angeles County supervisor with 2 million other constituents — Altadenans have always been good at shows of self-governance that involve simply showing up.  > more

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