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Altadena was founded as an unincorporated community of Los Angeles County in 1887 and remains the same today. This means we have no local governing bodies or revenues to address community issues and needs; rather, our public services come through Los Angeles County. Our main elected representative is the County Supervisor for District 5, Kathryn Barger; her field representative for Altadena is Sussy Nemer.

The Supervisor’s office established the Altadena Town Council to act as an ombudsman for conveying resident needs and wishes to government bodies and to provide a town meeting forum for discussing issues of concern to the community. The ATC consists of 16 elected representatives — two from each of Altadena’s eight census tracts.

Altadena Heritage is the largest of several local nonprofit organizations that give voice to specific concerns – in our case, to our mission of preserving, protecting, and raising awareness of cultural and environmental issues. We do this by attending ATC monthly meetings as well as meetings of County departments, such as Public Works and Regional Planning. We also hold special events to inform members and the community in general about relevant issues.

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